These reviews, comments, opinions, and kind words are from real people who use Youthful Lady products. We hope your experience will be shared here too!

Anita (U.K.)

I wanted to drop you a message to thank you for appearing in my life. Before we “met”, I was always upset and on some occasions, even depressed about my skin. My face and neck were full of angry, red spots and acne. Since using your products, my skin has dramatically improved. I love the texture, the smell of the products and I love that they are chemical free! I tested other skincare products in the past but nothing seemed to sort my problems. I would highly recommend Youthful Lady products to everyone. Thank you Mindy for all the support you provided.

Jamie (Cheyenne, WY)

Youthful Lady has wonderful products, I ordered lotions and bars to be sent to friends and family and everyone from the 32 yr old to the 80 year old commented on how nice they were, how nice the packaging was, really made me look good!! They all loved their gifts!

Bryne (Post Falls, ID)

So the the rose oil helped my cold sore. It could have been face wash too but I think it is the oil. Didn’t even use abreva.

Mary (Rathdrum, ID)

Wow! I’ve used the products last night and this morning and my skin feels wonderful!!!

Brad (Priest River, ID)

I had a painful zit behind my ear bc I never wash behind my ears. So 3 days ago I put your face wash behind my ear. Before I couldn’t even touch it it hurt so bad but after leaving the face wash on for a few minutes I could touch it with no pain. After 3 days it’s practically gone, no pain at all.

Mackenzie (CDA, ID)

I have been using Youthful Lady products for over a year and my skin has completely transformed. I used to wake up every day with new bumps, blackheads, and pustules that would spread from my forehead to my chin. I had discoloration and deep pits on the surface of my skin due to scaring from the severity of my breakouts. I would get deep, massive cysts that would cause such soreness and pain. The cysts would take weeks to appear and sometimes months to subside, or at least come to the surface where I could try my best to extract them. I spent hours infront of a mirror trying to cover up all the blemishes on my face before ever going out in public. It was exhausting. Now, I feel like my skin has regenerated itself. I no longer have those tiny bumps that spread across my face. No more blackheads, and pustules and cysts are also a very rare occurrence. The color of my skin has evened and smoothed out and the pits on the surface have filled in. In the past I would have to put on layers of makeup to get my skin to look as even toned as it does now without any concealer on. My skin looks supple and healthy. I’ve been told from people that have known me for years that my skin now has a healthy glow to it. I have found a natural, healthy skin care line that works for me and i would recommend that if you struggle with your skin (or not!) try Youthful Lady! My favorite product to use is the rose oil I put on at night….amazing.:)

Bart (Post Falls, ID)

Thank you for the massage lotion I had a severe allergic reaction to something. my face swelled up broke open and I can’t put anything on it to relieve the pain and it itched, so I remembered you gave me that lotion. I put it on. it burned very bad for a split second, but I feel wonderful now! it’s healing. thank you very much.

Nancy (Trout Run, PA)

We had a lovely surprise yesterday when your box, ordered by Jamie, arrived in our mail. The honeysuckle lotion is wonderful and smells just like the honeysuckle vine we have growing near our front porch. And, I’m sure my husband will enjoy the scented mustache bar. I love that you’ve formed it in the shape of an old-fashioned “barbershop quartet” mustache and taken the time to package it so uniquely. It is evident you take great care in the creation and packaging of your natural products. Our day was brightened by this surprise gift from Jamie and we thank you for sending them. May your talent take your business to many new customers.

Linda (Ames, IA)

José and I recently received your Honeysuckle lotion and mustache bars as a gift from Jamie. They’re really nice! The lotion spreads on without feeling greasy, and the mild scent doesn’t give me a headache like some scented lotions do. The mustache bar is cute, and it will be great to use this winter when our skin gets dried out. Everything is packaged so professionally, too. Well done!