I am a mom and wife to the love of my life. I have always had a flirtatious interest in skin care, but it wasn’t until we lived in semi-arid Wyoming that I started to seriously reevaluate what is good for me and my family’s skin. Having a heavy education in the sciences (particularly the medical track), I resorted to a ton of research, trial, and error. I wasn’t satisfied with western medicine’s pill popping and medicated creams (because none of it cured my acne issues), so I looked to holistic methods. I learned that nutrition isn’t just something we should be getting through eating and drinking – our skin needs it on the outside too! So, my skin care philosophy is: Feed your skin from the inside and outside! Plant oils, honey, bee pollen, and so many other things have so much natural nutrition that our bodies use more efficiently than popping a pill.

Cleanse • Hydrate • Nourish • Redefine


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